Cold Turkey

My name is Jacquelynn, and I am a mint-o-holic. There. It’s out.

But it’s not just any old mint, it is the Lifesaver Wint-O-Green individually wrapped mints.


A Short Poem About My Mint Addiction

I eat them in the van, I eat them when I’m walking.

I eat them when I’m reading, I can eat them when I’m talking.

These little discs of minty sugar have become a bit of an obsession,

So the time has come to kick them to the curb, that is my confession.

(My middle school english teacher said that exact thing to me, “Jacquelynn, poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme.” Ummm… If I am going to read or write it, you bet it does!)

So in conclusion, after I finish this last bag I have, I will no longer be partaking in these little bits of deliciousness.  I am quitting them cold turkey.  When I see them calling out to me at the grocery store saying “just one more bag won’t hurt,” this is what I have to say to the mints:


Four Friday Favorites

Say THAT five times fast!

Okay, here are some things I am LOVING lately:

1. My new workout (and more) program, Strong Chicks Rock!


Rachel is an amazing trainer, coach and now I also consider her a friend.  She takes the time to create a program for each individual member that custom-fits their lives.



This is Rachel, she is a rockstar.

If I, a single mama of two toddlers, can do this… ANYONE can.  It feels SO GOOD to feel my muscles again!

You don’t have to be local, and she might have some openings left! Check her out ASAP  HERE.

2. This book.

This book struck such a chord in me.  Sometimes you can hear the same thing over and over and over and over again, but then someone phrases it in a different way and BOOM, you just get it.

Jennie writes with such honesty and makes me want to sit down with her, have a cup of coffee and talk about all things life & Jesus. Check out the book HERE.


A friend recommended a place for acupuncture that is actually affordable (I’m talking $20 instead of $90+).  It’s totally different than any other place I’ve seen.  You get to sit in a giant comfy recliner, blankets if you want and dim lights.  I (like a lot of people) fell asleep and had the BEST. NAP. EVER. My acupuncturist took the time to talk to me first,  come up with a little game plan and then the poking and napping commenced. I’m headed back today and cannot wait! If you are local, check them out HERE.

4.  Friday afternoon CLEANING PARTIES!

Okay, so it’s not really a party, but for the last few weeks we (I) turn on some music and we (I) clean the windows, lysol the doorknobs, cupboard handles, light switches and vacuum/swiffer.  Seriously, going into the weekend with a clean-ish, disinfected casa is MUY BIEN!

But by Saturday morning it’s usually back to this:

Oh well, we (I) tried.

Summer (school) Lovin’

So the kids started a summer program at the school where Gemma is getting different types of therapy (click HERE to read more about the awesomesauce school).  Since I became a mama, Ashton & Gemma have never been in a daycare or preschool of any sort.  So when I dropped them off last Wednesday for the first time, this was me:

My bay-beeeeeeees!

I drove to target to pick up a few things and then headed home, all the while feeling like a part of me was missing or that I was forgetting something.  Without my kids, this is me:

But then I got home and I went from sad to:


It was quiet, I could clean without a toddler right behind me undoing the cleaning, I could sit down and eat a meal.  It was GLORIOUS!

Now, two mornings a week I wake up with a smile knowing I get a couple hours to do whatever I want or nothing at all.

School is the best.

I promise I still love you, kids.

Breaking Up With the “F Word”

Not the “F word” you were thinking, get your mind out of the gutter.

The F-word I am talking about is: FINE

It’s such a weenie of a word, and it’s used (I have used it) waaaaaay too often.  So I am officially breaking up with FINE.

I just finished listening to an audiobook called Never Unfriended, by Lisa Jo Baker, and it has been so convicting.  I have been recommending it left & right because there is something for EVERYONE in this book.  It’s helped me unpack some of my junk (hello, friendship PTSD) so my relationships (friends and family) can FLOURISH.  There are so many things to talk about from this book, I’ll save them for another time.

I’ve still got work to do (don’t we all?), but one simple thing I can do is get rid of fine and insert other adjectives.  Fine is a scapegoat that so easily rolls off the tongue even when we are a far-cry from fine.  I want people to feel safe to tell me how they really feel, and I want people around me who want to hear more than “fine” from me.

I want to hear and speak about JOY!

I want to hear and speak about SADNESS!

I don’t want to cover up emotions and feelings with the old “fine” blanket anymore, mmmmkay?

Having said all that, I am not perfect (hello, Perfection Pending).  I am going to make the effort to eliminate that word from my vocabulary, but there’s a good chance I will slip up here and there.

And that is just fine.


The Curve Ball

Last Wednesday, life threw me a (yet, another) curve ball.  While I knew it was probably coming, my daughter was diagnosed as highly autistic.  What I wasn’t expecting was the news that there is concern she is also having tiny seizures and needs to be tested for that.  Scary, to say the least.

I think I was numb to it all until two days ago.

As a single mom of two toddlers, life is VERY BUSY.  Not a lot of time to sit with my thoughts or really process news like I received. So, as I have found, emotions/grief can creep up and surprise me at unlikely times.  Writing helps me process and is very therapeutic for my mind and soul, so I really need to start doing more of that.  Maybe some here, and in journaling.

Anyway, two days ago we went to a fun little picnic that my aunt’s chiropractic center was putting on (I know, so random).  It was great, a beautiful day to boot.  But, there was enough time at the picnic and on the 1 hour round-trip commute for me to be able to think and for the sadness to bubble up and overflow.

So. Many. Tears.


It needed to happen (the crying release) and I felt a bit better after, but sheesh.  I am learning about autism, but there is soooooo much I don’t know.  I know even less about the seizures, but I now feel like someone is strangling my heart every time I see her stare off.  I didn’t realize how painful it can be waiting for answers or a cure when your child is not well.  I want answers YESTERDAY!

So where I sit today is learning.  Learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning about seizures and learning patience. None of which is easy.  But life isn’t always easy.  Thanks for letting me share a bit of my heart here today (if anyone is reading, haha😄).  Let’s learn together!


Well, Whole30-ish turned into Whole30-FAIL.  I face-planted into a pizza, and IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT!!! Whole30, it was fun, but we just weren’t meant to be together.  Pizza has always had my heart.

I will say, my eyes were puffy (puffier than normal, anyway) the next morning.  I’m sure it was the dairy or carbs or whatnot, but I just look at that as a challenge.  I will just have to eat more pizza so my body remembers it is a friend.

Then guess what else I had?  A caramel soy macchiato from Starbucks.  HOLY SUGAR RUSH, BATMAN!!!

Now yes I love those indulgences, but honestly the Whole30 food is good too.  I will definitely incorporate it into my diet more, but I realllllly don’t eat too far off from Whole30 in the big picture.  I didn’t notice a big difference in how I felt (maybe I would’ve had I stuck to it), and I felt it was costing more $$ than what it was worth.

I like having options and not feeling restricted.  I mean, I was afraid I was going to get goldfish cracker crumbs on my food by accident, for the love!  That is no way to live, people.

Here are a couple positives I am taking away from my Whole17:

  1. I am cooking and meal-prepping more now
  2. I get full faster
  3. ummmmm, that’s all I can think of at the moment… *crickets chirping*

I’m sure I’ll think of more…

Here was my last Whole30 pic:

A sad BLT that desperately misses bread.  How can I deny it a bread hug? I can’t.  And that is why Whole30 and I parted ways, I have compassion.  And pizza in my belly.

Whole30. Ish.

Soooooooooo I caved.

So I made it 12 days, and then the cold, crisp deliciousness that is rosé beckoned me.

Don’t judge, Jesus drank wine.  So now I am officially Whole30-ish. Or we can look at the glass as half-full and say I TOTALLY NAILED Whole12. I’m running with it.

Now, while I may have caved on the drinking part, I am still going strong on the eating side of things.  I had let too much dairy, sugar, junk into my diet and I have noticed some really positive changes by eliminating a lot of inflammatory-inducing foods via Whole30.

My seasonal allergies have been HORRENDOUS this year, and i’ve noticed they have been significantly lessened since following the Whole30 program.

I would still love to plant my face into a pizza. But honestly?  The Whole30 food is actually REALLY good.  When you eliminate the junk from your diet, the true flavors of whole foods really come alive (who am I, a food critic? I just annoyed myself #eyeroll)

Here are some of my latest Whole30 eats:


Everything But The Kitchen Sink Brekkie (sweet potato round on the side)
Not very attractive, but so very delicious salsa shredded chicken
Cauliflower Rice: Before
Baked Sweet Potato Round w/ Guac.


I LOVE Asparagus!


I am half-way there, can I stick with it for the whole 30 days?  We will see…